Often when helping people to purchase investment property we notice a trend, the person/s purchase just one investment property and then sit on this until their retirement, or alternatively purchase multiple properties, start to “hit a wall” and then begin to sell their properties 5-10 years down the track to make a quick buck. When implementing a property investment strategy it is important to remember that this is an Ongoing & Long Term strategy. If you Give Up on your investment strategy and your plan you will miss out on the benefits associated with following this through to fruition.

Whilst the capital growth associated with your home and a single investment property, paired with other retirement strategies may be sufficient to support you in retirement, to take advantage of the real potential available which will allow you to live out your Golden years fortuitously we need to maintain our conviction and continue to expand our portfolios. By focusing income into reducing your debt, as well as capitalising on the tax benefits associated with your investment property and maximising the potential of capital growth so you can continue to expand your investment portfolio you Can retire very wealthy and live a very comfortable life into your retirement.

“The key to making money is to stay invested” – Suze Orman

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